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 Beccles, Lowestoft and surrounding areas

 Pro dog Puppy training classes, New Pro Dog Training classes, 1-2-1 Behaviour

Consultations, 1-2-1 Puppy & Adult Training, Fun Workshops, inc Scent work & Recall  

121 Behaviour Consultations and *NEW* Pro Dog Trainer Training 121's

121 Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations to help solve any undesirable behaviours

All types of behavioural problems dealt with including, reactivity, aggression, fear based behaviours, separation anxiety and noise phobias.

individual training and desensitization programmes given.

Each consultation last approximately 2.5hrs and a full written report is included. Further telephone advice is available following a consultation.

Future follow up consultations can be arranged if necessary.

*NEW* Pro Dog Trainer 121 Puppy/ Adult training consultations

Ideal for owners unable to commit to a weekly training class or dogs that struggle to focus in a class environment

121 training is usually carried out in the home environment initially, this can be changed if necessary to a location of your choice. The training is very much tailored to the individual, however the dog must be able to carry out the basics at home prior to training in new environments.

Scent work Workshops

Fun workshops, harnessing every dogs natural ability!

Scent work is the best and most rewarding pastime for any dog.

The most fantastic thing is that the dog doesn't need any previous training, it is fantastic for any type or age of dog. It builds a strong bond of trust and confidence with the handler. It provides great mental stimulation for the dog and means even the most active dog can relax without the need for excessive walks. it is brilliant for puppies that can't exercise too much, brilliant for older dogs to keep them alert. Limited places are available on each workshop so contact me to book for the next available date.